Vector Energy Has Offerings in Alberta

The energy market is unique in Alberta. Gas and electricity are both deregulated commodities, which gives almost all consumers the power to receive rates from their regulated supplier or from a competitive retail supplier.

For residential or business energy consumers in areas such as Calgary, Canmore or Lethbridge, Vector Energy is among the list of competitive electricity and natural gas companies that can power their properties. Whether consumers are looking for their homes or small business, energy companies such as Vector Energy may be able to offer what they’re looking for in terms of energy supply. If you’re interested in exploring plans and rates outside your local utility company, do some research to figure out if regulated supply rates or competitively priced plans are what you’re looking for.

Highlights of Vector Energy rates on supply

In Alberta, gas and electricity are available via utility companies and competitive retail suppliers. If you’re currently on a regulated supply plan then you’re receiving supply from your local utility company. These energy rates are governed by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Vector Energy rates on supply differ in that they aren’t deregulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission. As a competitive retail supplier, the company’s plan options pique the interest of a variety of consumers. Both price-protected supply plans and floating supply plans are on the market, so both consumers who like stability and those who like flexibility can find a plan that fits their energy needs and personal preferences.

Energy rates on supply from Vector Energy also include some benefits. According to the company, there is no enrollment or termination fee, and customers have convenient payment options, such as electronic billing and pre-authorized debit, readily available.

Differentiating wire service providers, utilities and retail suppliers

It’s important to understand the three main players in the energy market. Utility companies often offer regulated rates on supply to consumers within their service territory. If the company does not offer regulated rates, this plan option is still available to consumers through a different regulated supplier.

Sometimes, wire service providers and utility companies are one and the same. However, in some regions wire service providers are their own entity and strictly focus on the transmission and delivery system. In these cases, these companies are solely in charge of maintaining, managing and transporting electricity or natural gas. They’re also in charge of resolving emergencies.

Vector Energy and other competitive retail suppliers, however, bring different plans and rates to the table compared to utility companies, and they also have different responsibilities from wire service providers. Competitive retail suppliers have the ability to offer various plans and rates. These supply plans and rates typically include a plan that stays stable for the duration of the contract term and a plan with rates that follow the upward and downward trends of market prices. In addition to offering plans and rates, most competitive retail suppliers offer customer service, green energy products and unique billing and payment options.

Make sure to understand the difference between regulated suppliers and competitive suppliers before researching your options or switching.


Source: Updated: 3-22-15.