Find Out About Gas Companies in Lethbridge

In Lethbridge, you have many energy companies to choose from for natural gas supply. Natural gas in Lethbridge is deregulated, allowing you to explore the competitive energy companies offering natural gas rates that are not regulated by the government. In order to find deregulated natural gas rates, you’ll have to figure out which competitive energy companies supply natural gas to your area.

Luckily, if you’re looking to find your options for natural gas in Lethbridge, you’ve come to the right place. Our website is easy to navigate and allows you to explore all the competitive gas companies in Lethbridge. In addition to all of the competitive gas companies in Lethbridge, we also include information on your Lethbridge utility company. With all of this valuable information at your fingertips, you can decide if switching to a competitive energy company is right for you.

Explore Lethbridge gas prices

In order to conclude whether switching to one of the competitive energy companies servicing your neighborhood is the right move both logically and financially, you need to do some research. After reading about the different competitive energy companies, explore their natural gas rates. In Lethbridge, gas prices for supply will most likely differ per competitive supplier. Lethbridge gas prices change according to the supplier because regulatory ruling has allowed the natural gas market to be open for competition. Since the various competitive suppliers are vying for your residential or commercial business, they will offer their most competitive prices.

Competitive Lethbridge gas prices versus regulated rates

Customers who do not sign a contract for natural gas with a competitive supplier are automatically served by a regulated utility company. Your utility company depends on where you live, therefore you cannot choose the utility company that delivers your commodity to your home or business.

The supply rates utilities offer are not necessarily the best Lethbridge gas prices. Utility supply rates are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission, which restricts their ability to largely increase or decrease. This approval and regulatory process explains why utility rates are known as the regulated rate option. Since utility rates are regulated, utilities do not necessarily have the ability to offer the most competitive prices. Competitive energy companies, however, don’t undergo this approval process for rates and are able to offer more competitive prices.

If you want more options than the regulated rates offered from the utility company serving your neighborhood, check out the competitive suppliers in Lethbridge. Competitive suppliers are able to offer a variety of plans, rates and contract lengths that you may find appealing.

You’re still connected to your utility

Even if you switch to a competitive supplier, you will still maintain a relationship with your local utility. Your utility, regardless of who supplies energy to your home, is responsible for delivering your supply.

Since utilities don’t make a considerable profit off customers’ supply rates, many utilities don't have to concentrate on selling energy. This means utilities can focus on their distribution system, maintaining structures and being energy efficient. Utilities’ main responsibilities revolve around the distribution system to ensure the safe delivery of natural gas.

This being said, utilities charge customers a delivery fee to cover costs surrounding maintaining and operating gas pipes in order to make sure your natural gas delivery meets high standards. You will always be connected to your utility because the utility will always be accountable for delivering your supply and you will be responsible for the natural gas delivery charge.

Switch anytime

As long as you live in a deregulated area of Alberta, your ability to switch will remain the same. If you’re ready for new natural gas plans and rates, explore your options and start shopping for a competitive supplier. We can help you sign up and switch whenever you’re ready!