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EPCOR utilities provide electricity to homes and businesses in Alberta. In addition to offering these services, EPCOR utilities operate the electrical transmission and distribution networks that provide your home with the electricity you need. The utility company also brings water and wastewater amenities to consumers in Alberta and controls and owns the water facilities in addition to the transmission system.

Headquartered in Edmonton, EPCOR utilities have a history that began more than a century ago. With years of experience, ECPOR has largely developed and now provides both regulated rates and Encor energy plans to residential and small business customers. EPCOR energy is distributed to more than 300,000 residential and 30,000 business customers around the company’s service area. More than one million people in regions west of Canada depend on EPCOR services.

Deregulation in Alberta

Regulatory rulings have allowed the Alberta gas and electric market to open its doors to competition. Deregulation in Alberta indicates that all Albertan residents have the power to choose a competitive retailer for electricity and natural gas supply. This choice gives you the ability to find out the other options on the market in addition to those offered by your local utility company.

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EPCOR energy options

EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc. offers regulated rates, however, the EPCOR Energy regulated-rate option is only available to eligible consumers. To be eligible for the regulated rate option you must be a homeowner or own a small business that consumes less than 250,000 kwh of electricity per year. Furthermore, you cannot receive regulated rates if you’ve signed up with a competitive retailer.

Regulated rates are determined based on market prices and the approval of the Alberta Utilities Commission. Besides EPCOR energy rates that are regulated, you also have the option to choose rates from competitive retailers. Encor is the competitive retailer branch of EPCOR. Energy plans offered by Encor are not regulated and give you a variety of plan options, contract terms and prices to choose from.

As a consumer in Alberta and in the EPCOR service area, EPCOR and Encor are only two of your options to choose from. There are many other competitive retailers that offer various plans and prices on electricity. Since in Alberta, gas and electric rates are competitively priced, to get the best plan for your home or business and to make an informed decision you should learn about all the competitive retailers serving your area, compare your options and then choose. If you do not choose a competitive retailer for supply, you will automatically be enroled in the regulated-rate option.

EPCOR utilities still deliver

EPCOR energy is delivered to meet your home or business energy needs through the company’s transmission and distribution system. The company is held accountable for delivering your energy and is also responsible for maintaining the power lines and wires. As a resident in EPCOR’s area, if you experience an electrical emergency such as a power outage or notice a power line in your area has fallen, please notify EPCOR immediately. Even if you choose an alternative retailer for electricity supply, EPCOR is the only company with access to the power lines to resolve your issue. It’s always important to keep the phone number handy in case an emergency arises.

Source: www.epcor.com Updated: 2-28.15.