ENMAX Energy in Edson Offers Retail Plans

ENMAX Energy in Edson offers retail energy options to energy consumers. These offerings consist of two programs: Choose Light and EasyMax. In Edson, energy deregulation gives you the opportunity to make your own energy supply decisions. Alberta has been deregulated in both electricity and natural gas for decades and residents have the opportunity to choose a competitive supplier for one or both commodities. As an Albertan, you are encouraged to explore your options. 

The energy market in Edson offers competitive pricing. Therefore it’s sometimes easy to quickly become impressed with an energy plan. However, be advised that an appealing plan doesn't always come with the best value. To find the best plan for electricity or natural gas in Edson for your home or business, explore your regulated rate options and different competitive suppliers to compare their plans. For instance, comparing ENMAX Energy's Choose Light and EasyMax with other options can land you the best Edson electric rates and gas deals for you.

Choose Light and EasyMax in Edson

According to ENMAX Energy, its Choose Light and EasyMax customers are able to alternate between fixed-rate plans to floating-rate plans once per month. This allows customers to protect themselves from floating rate hikes or take advantage of floating rate lows. EasyMax customers can cancel their agreement, without consequence, with one month’s notice while Choose Light requires a term agreement that may involve exit fees.

Your Choose Light or EasyMax bill

If you sign up for Choose Light or EasyMax, you will receive an ENMAX Energy in Edson bill. Your bill should include any new charges for electricity or natural gas supply, as well as any past due balances. Along with supply charges, your bill should include utility fees, such as meter reading information, delivery charges and administrative fees.

Finding new Edson electric rates and gas prices on supply

In deregulated areas such as Edson, electric rates and gas rates for supply are susceptible to change per competitive supplier and also change alongside the market. Since you have the option to receive electricity and natural gas from your utility or a marketer, you should educate yourself on the differences between regulated rates and competitive rates.

The Alberta Utilities Commission handles the regulated rate approval process. The AUC verifies that all utility rates properly align with market prices. The commission, however, does not control Edson electric rates and gas rates offered by competitive suppliers, including programs such as Choose Light or EasyMax. To find new Edson electric rates and gas prices, find information about marketers and their plans with EnergyCompaniesAlberta.com. If you're interested in discussing some plans available to you, give us a call and one of our energy specialists can help you find a plan that meets your needs.

Source: www.enmax.com. Updated: 12-21-15.