Learn About ENMAX Power Corporation

The ENMAX Power Corporation is located in Calgary and functions as the local utility company. With a history of more than a century, ENMAX has grown to become both a utility in Calgary as ENMAX Power and a marketer in Alberta, as ENMAX Energy. ENMAX Power, the Calgary utility, is the default service provider with a regulated rate option because if you live in the ENMAX Power utility service area, you have competitive supply options for your home or business.

How deregulation applies to Alberta utilities

Alberta is a deregulated province, meaning it allows competitive energy marketers to enter the electricity and natural gas market and offer supply plans. Since this legislative ruling, Alberta utilities are no longer the only energy supply option for both residents and business owners. As a consumer in Alberta, utilities are considered default service and will supply your home or business with electricity and/or natural gas if you do not sign a contract with a marketer.

Thanks to the open energy market, marketers offer competitive rates for electricity and/or natural gas. If you’re interested in exploring your other options aside from the regulated rates offered from your utility, use EnergyCompaniesAlberta.com to shop around and look into the competitive suppliers servicing your neighborhood. There’s no reason to pass up the opportunity to compare marketers and supply plans, especially since doing so can land you a new deal for electricity and/or natural gas.

ENMAX Power is responsible for delivery

ENMAX Power Corporation in Calgary is the branch that controls the wires that transport your energy. As a utility, it owns the system that transports your energy. In addition, ENMAX Power is also responsible for controlling and consistently maintaining the system. In addition to these duties, ENMAX Power, Calgary, also handles all regulated rates options.

It's more important to have ENMAX Power's contact information handy in case an electrical outage or emergency occurs. Since ENMAX Power maintains these power lines, its technicians are the only ones that can access the transmission and distribution system and fix infrastructure issues.

ENMAX Power in Calgary will be responsible for more than just resolving your power outages. Regardless if you choose to receive default supply or purchase from a marketer, if you live in Calgary, ENMAX Power will continue to deliver your supply.

Source: www.enmax.com. Updated: 12-16-15