Discover the ENMAX EasyMax Program

EasyMax, available from ENMAX Energy, offers Albertans energy plans that are competitively priced and not pre-approved from the utilities commission. The EasyMax program functions similarly to other competitive Alberta energy companies in that it offers comparable plans, rates and term lengths to satisfy different types of consumers.

It’s important to distinguish the difference between ENMAX and EasyMax. The ENMAX Corporation is the overarching corporation that controls all subsidiaries that fall underneath the company. ENMAX Energy is one of the subsidiaries. One of its focuses is providing customers with competitive electricity and natural gas options through the EasyMax program.

Competitive EasyMax rates

The EasyMax program may offer plans and rates that fall within your budget and meet your energy needs. EasyMax rates differ from the regulated rates offered by ENMAX.  EasyMax gives consumers choices. As a resident or business owner in Alberta, you have to decide if the EasyMax options available to you match your wants and needs.

The EasyMax program gives you the option to sign up for electricity or natural gas supply, or you can bundle the commodities and receive both.  The program also offers secured- and floating-rate plans. With secured-rates on supply, your prices are protected, whereas floating rates fluctuate alongside the market and may cause rate changes each month. Lastly, EasyMax offers long-term plans, such as a five-year rate for electricity and natural gas.

In order to decide if EasyMax is the way to go, think over if you’d like secured- or floating-rate plans. After deciding on a type of plan, compare EasyMax rates to your utility and other competitive Alberta energy companies.

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ENMAX EasyMax satisfies business and household needs

The ENMAX EasyMax program can fulfill your energy needs at home or at your place of work. Like many competitive retail suppliers, EasyMax offers plans that are flexible and plans that ensure consistency over time.

Household energy needs typically differ from business energy needs. This is in part because businesses are often larger and require more electricity or natural gas usage. For this reason, business energy bills can add up quickly. It’s greatly beneficial for business owners to take their decision on a business energy plan seriously in order to keep their energy bill in check. Although business energy needs may be larger than household needs, homeowners should also take this decision seriously because shopping around the market has many advantages.

Utilities transport your resources

Many people are under the impression that if they choose a competitive retailer for gas or electricity supply that the retailer is then responsible for delivering and handling electricity- or gas-related emergencies. This is a common misconception and clarification is essential.

The delivery of your natural gas or electricity supply is not influenced by your decision to choose from Alberta energy companies instead of staying with your local utility company. Utility companies are in charge of delivering your gas and electricity and maintaining the infrastructure that allows your commodities to be safely transported to your home or business. The competitive retail supplier is supplying the resources and involved in billing and payment.

Is ENMAX EasyMax right for you?

Without a doubt you want to make the right decision when it comes to resources as valuable as electricity and natural gas. To get on the path that leads to an informed decision, explore EasyMax rates and other supply rates on the market. EasyMax isn’t your sole option for supply and there’s no time pressure to choose immediately. Take some time to search for the lowest rates and quality service. 


Source: Updated: 2-28-15.