Direct Energy in Alberta Offers Gas and Electricity

Direct Energy in Alberta is a competitive retail supplier that offers gas and electricity supply plans to residential consumers and businesses. The company was founded in the late 1980s and has developed into one of the leading competitive suppliers in Canada and the United States. The company has regional offices in Alberta, specifically in Edmonton and Calgary, and aims to meet the needs of its customers. 

To receive Direct Energy in Alberta, you must sign up for a competitive electricity or natural gas plan. Eligibility depends on different factors including your geographical area. Luckily, Alberta happens to be a deregulated province that Direct Energy serves. For more information regarding deregulation, your power to choose and Direct Energy in Alberta, click your city or the city nearest you from the list below.

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PonokaRed DeerSpruce GroveSt. Albert
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Direct Energy versus Alberta utilities

Direct Energy does not operate like a utility company. Utility companies focus on maintaining the infrastructure and transporting the energy from where it’s generated to your home or business. Utility companies have access to the transmission and distribution system typically because they own these facilities. Direct Energy, on the other hand, primarily focuses on offering gas and electricity supply plans to consumers in deregulated locations.

Direct Energy Regulated Services, however, is a different business from the Direct Energy retail company. Direct Energy Regulated Services' plans are only available to residents and business owners in a utility area where the utility company does not offer regulated rates and instead transfers customers to Direct Energy Regulated Services for regulated rates on supply. If your utility company refers you to Direct Energy Regulated Services, you still have the option to choose competitive prices from the Direct Energy retail branch or from other competitive retail suppliers.

Direct Energy rates

Living in cities within Alberta such as Calgary or Edmonton gives you the ability to sign up for plans and rates that differ from those offered by your utility company. Plans may cover one commodity or two, and vary in length from one-year to long-term and in price. In order to figure out if Direct Energy plans are the right fit for your situation, you’ll have to search the marketplace and compare plans.

Competitive Alberta energy companies offer business energy

Direct Energy Business provides gas and electricity supply to different sized businesses across Canadian provinces including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. If you own a business in Alberta and are looking for energy, Direct Energy offers both electricity and natural gas supply.

Direct Energy Business serves more than 200,000 customers. If you’re interested in taking advantage of deregulation for your business in addition to your home, you can become one of those customers. Just like shopping for energy for your home, you can research the competitive retailers in your area to find out which ones offer business energy and then compare their quotes.

Alberta utilities deliver no matter what

If you choose Direct Energy for your home or business, you will still be tied to your local utility company. Reason being, competitive retailers cannot access the transmission and distribution system that utilities own and operate. Regardless of the competitive retailer you choose for electricity and natural gas, your utility company will deliver your commodities and also charge you a delivery service surcharge to cover the costs of maintaining the transportation system.

Source: Updated: 2-28-15.