Find Out About ATCO Gas & Electric

ATCO has deep roots in the Alberta energy market that trace back to 1947. Since inception, ATCO has grown into a global group of companies with more than 9,000 employees dedicated to bringing energy to consumers. Aside from ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric, the company specializes in many other areas. The ATCO group of companies also focuses on utilities and energy as well as logistics and structures.  ATCO stands by its core business values which include integrity, entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Deregulation in Alberta

ATCO electricity and natural gas services are available for residences, businesses and industries in many communities across Alberta. Deregulation, however, has changed the game for ATCO. Electricity and natural gas are no longer solely offered from the utility if you live in the ATCO service area.

The regulatory ruling to allow the Alberta energy market to become deregulated went into effect a long ways back and impacts ATCO, utilities around the province and consumers. Deregulation means that you can choose to sign a contract for electricity or natural gas supply with one of the competitive energy companies in Alberta instead of staying with your regulated rates provider. With this ruling in place, you can shop around for Alberta natural gas and electricity and find the best rates available.

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Headquartered in Edmonton, ATCO Gas has nearly 70 offices dispersed throughout Alberta. ATCO Gas works with public entities, homeowners, business owners and industrial customers and in total delivers gas to more than 1 million customers that are located in almost 300 communities across Alberta.  The company not only delivers natural gas but its employees work to build, operate and maintain the pipelines that make distribution possible. ATCO Gas owns and operates almost 40,000 kilometres of distribution pipeline throughout Alberta.

Since the company owns, maintains and operates the pipelines in your neighborhood, it’s important to understand that it is in charge of resolving any problems or emergencies you may experience. In case you experience a gas-related emergency such as a gas leak or notice a gas odour, please report to ATCO Gas immediately. The company is on call 24 hours a day to respond to natural gas emergencies.

ATCO Electric

With more than 85 years of delivering electricity to consumers, ATCO electricity is available in more than 200 communities in Alberta. Through its subsidiaries, which include ATCO Electric Yukon, Northland Utilities Limited and more, ATCO Electric is able to attend to the needs of its consumers in northern Canada. ATCO electricity delivers nearly 220,000 homes, farms and businesses with power on a daily basis.

ATCO Electric is dedicated to continuously making Alberta’s transmission and electrical system better, both functionally and operationally, and there are many ongoing projects to help the company to achieve this. Similarly to ATCO Gas, ATCO Electric maintains the power lines and wires in your neighborhood. Therefore, if you experience a power outage or notice a power line has fallen in your neighborhood, please call to report the emergency immediately.

ATCO and utilities still deliver

ATCO utilities primarily manage, maintain and operate the natural gas pipelines and the electric transmission and distribution system. ATCO, and utilities in general, will continue to deliver your electricity and natural gas supply even if you choose to receive these commodities from alternative energy companies. ATCO utilities are the only ones with access to the power lines, wires and pipelines in the service area, thus they are responsible for your delivery.

 Source: Updated: 2-15-15.