AltaGas Supplies and Delivers Natural Gas

AltaGas Utilities Inc. (AUI) operates in part with the AltaGas Utility Group Inc. AUI is a regulated natural gas utility distributing natural gas to consumers in Alberta. The utility delivers natural gas to approximately 70,000 customers who include residential and business owners. AltaGas customers are not primarily concentrated in one area. In fact, its customers live or run a business in more than 90 areas across the province of Alberta. In addition to delivering supply, AltaGas owns and operates utility property in Alberta, while also offering services in British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

AltaGas Utilities is headquartered in the city of Leduc with a history that began before the 1950s when the company distributed natural gas to only a few areas. Now, the company’s service area has expanded to include many regions and includes almost 13,000 miles of pipeline.

In Alberta, natural gas is deregulated. When a commodity such as natural gas becomes deregulated, competition in the market occurs. When deregulation was put into action, Alberta energy companies entered the natural gas market and local utility companies were no longer the sole supplier of natural gas. Alternative suppliers offer competitive rates, various plans, green energy solutions and more and because of deregulation you are able to switch from your local utility such as AltaGas to an alternative supplier for natural gas.

Alberta energy companies are vying for your business and unlike utility companies, they are able to entice consumers with their array of options. Switching may not be right for everyone. In order to figure out if switching is the right move for you it’s important to understand the difference between AltaGas rates and offerings versus alternative suppliers’ rates and plans.

AltaGas rates for gas supply

AltaGas rates are regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission. Regulated rates are only available through utility companies and regulated rates providers and are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission to ensure the rates are fairly priced.

Most utility companies only offer one regulated rate option, which doesn’t provide you with choices. If AltaGas rates aren’t what you wish they were and you want choices, explore the other rates and plan options on the market. As a consumer in a deregulated area, you have the opportunity to find the lowest rates. By shopping around for competitive suppliers, you may find rates that work better with your finances and budget.

Alberta natural gas options

In addition to AltaGas, you have several options for natural gas in Alberta. To locate the competitive suppliers in your area you can navigate through our website. We offer valuable information on all the suppliers in Alberta, which can help make your searching easy. Reading about the suppliers will help you better understand your options and narrow down your list of choices.

To make an informed decision, it’s useful to evaluate the natural gas suppliers based on your wants and needs. If you’re looking for great rates, quality customer service and to offset your natural gas supply, make sure you look for a supplier that offers just that. Having a list of requirements can make your decision process even simpler.

AltaGas Utilities uphold delivery responsibility

If you choose to receive your natural gas supply from a competitive supplier you may wonder if you’ll still receive your supply in the same reliable way as you did before switching. The answer is yes. Since AltaGas owns and operates the gas pipes the company is the only one with access to be able to deliver your natural gas. Regardless of the supplier you choose, AltaGas will be accountable for delivering the supply to your home or business.

Source: Updated: 2-22-15.