Inquire About Crowsnest Pass

The township of Crowsnest Pass maintains and owns the electrical transmission and distribution system within the town’s boundaries. As the wire service provider, Crowsnest Pass focuses primarily on the delivery of your commodity and handling any power outages and electrical trouble.

The service area of Crowsnest Pass, however, is split into two: Crowsnest Pass and FortisAlberta. Whether Crowsnest Pass or FortisAlberta is your wire services provider will depend on where exactly you live. It’s important to know which service area you reside in so you know which utility to contact in case an electrical emergency arises.

If you live within the zone of Crowsnest Pass then you can receive regulated rates on supply from ENMAX Power because it’s one of the electrical service providers that contracts with utilities such as Crowsnest Pass to offer residents regulated rates on supply. In regards to natural gas, that commodity is supplied via Direct Energy Regulated Services and provided by ATCO Gas.

Crownest Pass versus FortisAlberta

In order to identify if the wires operator in your neighborhood is Crowsnest Pass, you’ll need to check out the company’s service area and see where your residence falls. The Crowsnest Pass service area encompasses areas such as Blairmore, Coleman and Frank, however, certain places within those areas may also fall within the FortisAlberta service area as well. Make sure to verify which company manages the wires in your area.

Competitive electrical service providers offer alternative supply rates

While all residents qualify for regulated supply plans, these plans are not your only option. After deregulation went into effect, competitive retail suppliers began offering plans to give consumers more options for electricity and natural gas supply.

It’s completely up to you whether you choose the regulated rates options or switch to a competitive retail supplier. The company that works best for your neighbor may or may not be what’s right for you, so check out the market, compare regulated rates and competitive retail supplier rates and decide for yourself.

Wire service providers handle emergencies

Wire service providers such as Crowsnest Pass and FortisAlberta take care of all electrical emergencies. Why, you ask? These companies have control and access to the systems that transport electricity, therefore, they maintain the systems and fix problems that may result in power outages. If you experience a power outage in Crowsnest Pass, please report it immediately.

Source: Updated: 3-9-15.