City of Medicine Hat Utility Offerings

In most regions within Alberta, energy is deregulated. Energy deregulation went into effect in the late 1990sand allowed most residents and business owners to choose an electricity and natural gas supplier. These suppliers include Alberta electric utilities, natural gas utilities and competitive retail suppliers. In Medicine Hat, however, deregulation does not apply.

As a resident in Medicine Hat you receive your electricity and natural gas supply from the City of Medicine Hat Electric Utility and Natural Gas Utility. These utilities focus on generating, transporting and delivering electricity and natural gas to your apartment, home, business or commercial entity. Medicine Hat offers customers secured-rates on both electricity and natural gas so customers can receive steady prices and not worry about monthly bill changes.

In addition to electricity and natural gas, the City of Medicine Hat Utilities also include water and sewage services.

Electricity and natural gas supply

The City of Medicine Hat Electric Utility provides about 30,000 residents in and around Medicine Hat with electricity supply. According to the utility company, it aims to deliver electricity safely and in an accountable way.  The City of Medicine Hat Gas Utility is made up of three subdivisions including gas distribution. The distribution branch focuses on controlling and maintaining the transportation systems that deliver your natural gas supply.

Green energy in Alberta

To support green energy in Alberta, the City of Medicine Hat Electric Utility offers a going green program that began a little over a decade ago. This program is linked with Vision Quest/TransAlta and provides wind power to the power grid in Alberta. According to the utility, the programs commitment to producing renewable energy will emit less greenhouse gases. In fact, the Going Green program will potentially reduce a magnitude of greenhouse gases equal to more than 2,500 cars each year. By participating in such a program, the City of Medicine Hat Electric Utility supports the city’s sustainability goals.


Responding to emergencies

Although electrical and natural gas emergencies don’t occur frequently, it’s important to know how to respond in case they occur. In an emergency such as a gas leak or power outage, you’ll want to take action fast. The City of Medicine Hat suggests you first contact your neighbors to see if they are experiencing a similar issue and then report the situation. The city can help you in these emergencies.

Source: Updated: 3-12-15.