Look Into Brighter Futures Energy

Brighter Futures Energy offers electricity supply to small businesses and residential customers in Alberta. Electricity rates on supply through Brighter Futures Energy are competitively priced and differ from the rates offered by the local utility company. With deregulation, competitive retail suppliers like Brighter Futures Energy stepped into the energy market to provide consumers with more plan and rate options for electricity supply. Now, consumers can choose plans from a competitive retail supplier or stay with the regulated supplier. It’s the consumer’s electricity supply, so it’s the consumer’s call!

Brighter Futures Energy plans for supply

Homeowners, renters, business owners or land owners in a deregulated city in Alberta have the power to choose who supplies their electricity. In order to pinpoint which Alberta electricity rates and supply plans are adequate, consumers need to research the features and terms of the plans available to them.

Brighter Futures Energy has supply plans that can secure your electricity rate for the contract term and plans where rates change with the increases and decreases of the price of electricity in the market.

Brighter Futures Energy features

When comparing the regulated supply rates to other Alberta electricity rates, researching the features of each company will help consumers realize if a regulated supplier or competitive retail supplier is the best company to service them. Brighter Futures Energy has certain features that may be what they’re looking for in an electricity supplier.

According to the company, it buys local and supports local generation companies. The company also has offerings to make things easy for consumers. These include electronic billing and the free service program, where employees coordinate all paperwork involved in switching.

Different companies, different responsibilities

Competitive electric companies are different from utility companies in numerous ways. One of the noteworthy differences is the responsibilities of the companies. Utility companies often own, maintain and facilitate the delivery of electricity from the generation plant to the consumer’s home — all in addition to providing homes and businesses with regulated supply rates. Competitive electric companies, on the other hand, are not involved in the delivery process whatsoever. These companies primarily focus on offering different supply plan structures and providing billing, payment and customer service assistance.

It’s worth taking some time to truly understand the differences between competitive retail suppliers, such as Brighter Futures Energy, and the local utility company. Since utility companies work with the transmission and distribution system, if consumers experience an electrical outage, they will need to call the local utility company. However, if a consumer has a question on how to pay the electricity bill for example, then the consumer would contact Brighter Futures Energy, not the utility company.

Source: www.brighterfutureenergy.com. Updated: 3-25-15.