Consumers in Alberta: Energy Deregulation Applies to You!

In Alberta, energy deregulation gives you choices. Energy deregulation went into effect in 1985 for natural gas and in 1996 for electricity. Energy deregulation is a regulatory ruling that opens the energy market and allows electricity and natural gas companies to offer electricity and natural gas supply. When provinces or regions partake in energy deregulation, utilities or generation suppliers no longer have total control of generating, supplying and delivering electricity to homes and businesses. Instead, in deregulated areas, competitive marketers enter the industry and give you the choice to find an alternative to your utility and regulated rates. However, even if you opt in to Alberta energy deregulation and choose a competitive marketer for supply, your local utility company will continue to deliver your supply.

In many other provinces and regions, residents and business owners don’t have the opportunity to leave their local utility company with regulated rates. Thanks to Alberta energy deregulation, however, consumers in Alberta can explore competitive electricity and natural gas companies and shop Alberta electricity rates and natural gas rates.

Take advantage of Alberta energy deregulation by navigating through our site and exploring your options. By doing your research and exploring the competitive marketers that supply the Alberta energy deregulation service area, you’ll be able to understand the difference between the companies and find one that meets your needs. Since these companies are vying for your business, it’s important to take the time to explore your options in order to make an informed decision.

Explore electricity and natural gas companies

You have quite the array of options for electricity and natural gas supply in Alberta. Before making a decision, it’s important to evaluate the marketers servicing your area to make sure they fit all your requirements. In addition to plans and rates, marketers offer different green energy options and customer service. If you’re interested in supporting a cleaner environment and want to incorporate renewable energy solutions into your daily routine, you should make sure you choose a marketer that offers green energy. It’s also likely that you will need to communicate with your marketer regarding how to pay your bill, to add green energy solutions to your plan or for questions regarding your contract. You want to make sure the marketer you choose offers different ways to be in contact and offers quality customer service.

Shop Alberta electricity rates, natural gas rates and plans

Alberta energy plans and rates vary per utility and competitive marketer. Typically, utilities offer regulated rates and minimal to no plan options whereas marketers offer a variety of plans with different rates. There are two main types of plans to be aware of when shopping for your commodity:

  • Price protected-rates: Secured-rate plans lock in your supply rates for the entire length of your contract. This type of plan is perfect for consumers interested in securing rates and having consistency on a monthly basis.
  • Floating rates: Floating rates can change on a monthly basis as the price of electricity and natural gas fluctuate in the market. Floating rates are great for customers interested in flexibility and for those who want to take advantage of the increases and decreases of prices in the market.

Make sure to shop around and compare plans and rates before choosing a marketer so you can feel confident with your decision.

We’re here to help

If you feel overwhelmed or don’t know where to start when it comes to shopping for energy, don’t worry. With our help you’ll be able to find a new competitive marketer that offers both plans and rates that work well for you in no time. Explore your options and change suppliers today!