Wainwright Energy May Match your Needs

If you live in or around Irma, Fabyan or Heath then Wainwright Energy services your area. The Wainwright Energy service territory encompasses such towns and a few others as well. Living in an area serviceable by Wainwright Energy means you can choose to switch from your current supplier to Wainwright Energy.

Competitive energy providers in Alberta such as Wainwright Energy offer electricity supply. These competitive energy providers in Alberta are vying for your business, offering a variety of Alberta electricity rates to appeal to different consumers. With all these choices, deciding which supplier to choose may seem difficult. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and giving up because that appears easier, take a moment to review our resources and become informed on Wainwright Energy and its competitors to see if the company matches your needs.

Rate options

Wainwright Energy is a private company that offers exclusive rates to seniors, home owners, agricultural land owners and commercial owners. With the company’s secured-rates on supply you are guaranteed price protection until your contract is terminated. Such rates are only available to those within the Wainwright Energy service area and may require a security deposit upon enroling.

If you’d like something different from regulated rates and are interested in rate changes, look into floating-rates. Wainwright Energy also offers consumers floating-rates that increase and decrease according to market prices.

Additional benefits

Wainwright Energy offers benefits such as no termination charge, paperless billing and rates for seniors. The company also has a referral program. If you become a Wainwright Energy customer and refer friends, family members, neighbors or colleagues to the company you will receive a monetary thank you in the mail.

Wainwright Energy and your utility

If you choose Wainwright Energy for electricity it is not to be mistaken for your utility company. Your utility company offers regulated electricity rates and also manages the transmission and distribution system in Alberta. Your utility company handles the entire delivery process, therefore, you rely on the utility to deliver electricity to your home. Without it, you’d be in the dark.

Even after enroling with a competitive retail supplier your utility continues to safely deliver electricity to your home and charge you for the delivery. In addition to being responsible for the delivery of your commodity, the utility is also responsible for handling all electrical emergencies such as power outages. It is a common mistake to call your competitive retail supplier in an emergency, however, that company cannot resolve the issue. Instead, call your utility company right away so it can dispatch appropriate personnel and fix the problem.

Source: www.wainwrightenergy.com/index.html. Updated: 3-1-15.