Curious About Ponoka? Learn More.

Looking for electricity and natural gas supply? If you live in Ponoka, you can receive the regulated-rate option though the electrical service provider ENMAX Power. For natural gas supply, regulated rates are available through Direct Energy Regulated Services. Since the electricity and gas market in Alberta is deregulated, however, regulated rates from ENMAX Power or Direct Energy Regulated Services are not your only option. You have an array of choices so all you have to do is take ahold of your rights and explore the market.

Ponoka residents have freedom to explore

In Ponoka, energy is deregulated. A deregulated energy market grants you the freedom to explore the marketplace. Not all cities in Alberta have this option so take advantage of it!

Exploring the marketplace has several benefits, one being that you have the opportunity to find a supplier that offers exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it be natural gas or electricity supply that you’re in need of, both utility companies and competitive retail suppliers offer such commodities. Take it upon yourself to find the one that can serve you best.

Understanding regulated rates versus competitively priced rates

Regulated rates in Ponoka from ENMAX Power and Direct Energy Regulated Services undergo approvals from the Alberta Utilities Commissions. When you choose to go with a regulated natural gas or electrical service provider, you typically don’t get many different options. Competitive retail suppliers offer different plan structures that allow consumers to choose a plan that accommodates them best.

It’s possible you’re already enroled with ENMAX Power and Direct Energy Regulated Services. If you like your current rates and commodity service then there’s no pressure to switch. If you’re looking for something different, however, explore other plans on the market and compare them to your current situation.

Maintain your utility connection

If you decide to sign a contract with anew competitive retail supplier for electricity or natural gas supply, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your relationship with your local utility company. Your utility will continue to deliver your supply in a safe and trustworthy manner. Most utility companies across North America own, maintain and control the transmission and distribution facilities that transport electricity from the generation plants to homes and businesses.

Source: Updated: 3-11-15.