Understand Fort Macleod

If you live in Fort Macleod in Alberta, the Town of Fort Macleod Electric Group is in charge of your electrical distribution because it is the wire service provider for most of the Fort Macleod area. Wire service providers primarily function as the owner and operator of the power lines that light up your home, business and neighborhood street lamps.

Unless you’ve already taken advantage of deregulation, it’s likely you are signed up for regulated rates. Fort Macleod outsources electricity supply, meaning the regulated-rate option is available through ENMAX Power. These rates are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission and subject to change when market prices change.

Get to know your options in Alberta

Without an electrical utility, you wouldn’t receive your electricity supply. In Alberta, your electricity supply can come from a variety of places including an electrical utility company or a competitive retail supplier. These types of companies differ in the types of plans available to consumers and their rates. To find the best option for your lifestyle, electricity needs and budget constraints, you’ll need to do some research on your own. Take a look at your current regulated supply rates and those offered from competitive retail suppliers so you can understand your options. After reviewing your choices, you can decide to stick with your current utility rates or get started with a competitive retail supplier.

You may find that some neighbors have the regulated-rate options whereas others have protected or floating supply rates. Although you can ask around for some energy advice, it’s important to realize that each plan option appeals to a different type of consumer. Figure out what your preferences are to ensure you choose the best one for you.

Fort Macleod electrical distribution

Since Fort Macleod controls the electrical distribution process, it should be saved into your phone contact list, posted on your refrigerator or written in your phonebook in case of an emergency. Regardless whether you are with your regulated rates supplier or switched to a competitive retail supplier, Fort Macleod is the owner of the power lines. Therefore, if an electrical emergency arises, it is the company that can dispatch a crew to fix the issue and get your electricity flowing properly again.

Fort Macleod delivery surcharges

In order to continuously maintain the system that delivers your electricity supply, the company charges consumers delivery fees. These fees appear on your bill and help Fort Macleod continue to maintain power structures and keep electrical outages to a minimum. These fees are not avoidable and electrical utilities across Canada charge customers for delivery and maintenance services.

Source: www.fortmacleod.com. Updated: 2-10-15.