Electricity and Natural Gas in Cardston

Cardston is located in the deep south of Alberta, almost reaching the state of Montana in the U.S. As a resident in the town of Cardston, you’re probably familiar with its history and local attractions. However, are you familiar with your energy rights in Cardston?

In Cardston, electricity and natural gas supply are deregulated. If you’re new to Cardston or the concept of deregulation is new to you, it’s pretty simple. Deregulated energy allows competitive electrical retailers to work with utility companies and offer electricity and natural gas supply as alternatives to the regulated rate options. As a home or business operator, you have the option to choose a competitive retail supplier for supply or stick with the regulated-rate option offered from the utility in your area.

Regulated-rate option

The town of Cardston owns and manages the electrical transmission and distribution system within the town boundaries. This means that it is the wire services provider. However, Cardston does not offer regulated rates to residents. In Cardston, ENMAX Power is the company that offers regulated rates.

If you want to explore plans other than regulated rates, you’ll need to search among the competitive electrical retailers in Alberta that offer plans. Competitive retail suppliers offer various plans, green energy products and customer service options. Explore the competitive retail suppliers and regulated rates in your neighborhood to figure out which fits best with your energy requirements.

ATCO Gas in Cardston

In Cardston, natural gas is available through ATCO Gas. Just like with electricity supply, you can also choose regulated rates for natural gas or rates offered by competitive retail suppliers. Since the regulated-rate options are outsourced through utility companies such as ENMAX Power and ATCO Gas, if you choose to stay with regulated rates then you’ll be receiving your energy supply from these two utility companies. 

What to do in an emergency

If your power suddenly goes out or you notice a power line in your area has fallen, please contact the Cardston utility immediately. After reporting the emergency, it will be able to help resolve the issue as soon as possible. Electrical emergencies can be serious so don’t hesitate to call.

If you experience a gas leak or another natural gas-related emergency, call ATCO immediately. It will be able to properly assess and resolve the emergency as soon as possible.

Source: www.cardston.ca. Updated: 3-9-15.