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Spot Power is one of the competitive Alberta energy companies that opened its doors to offer consumers another possibility for electricity supply. According to the company, it is the first privately-owned small electricity retailer in the province. Spot Power’s history traces back over four decades. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that the company began catering to the needs of small commercial sites and residential customers. 

Spot Power’s customers are located in more than 300 communities in Alberta. The company’s service area includes cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray and Red Deer. If you live in an area that’s deregulated, then Spot Energy may be among the competitive electric companies that can supply power to your home, business or agricultural property.

Learn more about deregulation

In Alberta, most cities aside from Medicine Hat are deregulated. The term deregulation can apply to a variety of markets in addition to energy. For example, the deregulated market with which most consumers are familiar is the telecommunications market. When it comes to phone and Internet service, you have the freedom to shop around and choose which provider you’d like for your home phone, Internet and cellphone service.

In deregulated energy markets, consumers have the exact same freedom. Although consumers have the ability to search and choose among competitive Alberta energy companies for electricity supply, residents and business owners also have the option to stay with their regulated supplier and receive regulated supply rates.

View Spot Power rates on supply

Spot Power rates on supply are different from the regulated-rate option. Alberta electricity rates from utility companies undergo approvals by the Alberta Utilities Commission, whereas Spot Power rates do not. In addition, Spot Power offers a variety of supply plans and rates to seniors, residents, farm and business owners. The company has stable rates and floating rates available to meet the needs of consumers who enjoy price protection and also those that want to take advantage of the volatile energy market.

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Source: Updated: 3-22-15.