Sponsor Energy Gas and Electricity Services

At Sponsor Energy, gas and electricity supply are available for consumers like you to purchase. Sponsor Energy is a competitive retail supplier in Alberta and across Canada that supplies consumers with the power resources they need to service their home or business.

If you’re uncertain if you have the ability to choose a competitive retail supplier like Sponsor Energy, we can help clarify that. In Alberta, natural gas and electricity are open markets. What that means is that utility companies that control the systems that deliver electricity and natural gas from the source to your home are no longer the only companies in the industry that offer supply. Competitive retail suppliers are companies that offer supply but are not responsible for delivery services.

As an Albertan, you have an advantage over residents in other provinces that don’t have deregulated electricity and natural gas markets. Be proactive and use deregulation to your advantage by exploring Sponsor Energy and more.

Rates for home, business and nonprofit owners

Sponsor Energy attracts customers from homes, commercial sites and charity organizations. Electricity and natural gas plans are both available along with protected and variable rates. The company also offers a select plan to low-income residents.

If you’re currently receiving supply from another supplier and are looking to switch then it’s important to recognize how Sponsor Energy rates are different, especially from utility rates. As a competitive supplier, Sponsor Energy rates aren’t regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission like utility rates are. This doesn’t imply that Sponsor Energy rates are more or less expensive than utility rates; it simply means the rates are different.

Explore the different plan and rate options to discover what works best for you. You may find that Sponsor Energy home, business or nonprofit plans and rates fit with your wants and needs perfectly.

Sponsor Energy community and environmental efforts

Sponsor Energy helps charities and its partners in the community. After choosing Sponsor Energy the company will make a donation to the community organization of your choice. In addition to supporting the community, the company also offers a green energy program that encourages customers to use renewable resources for supply.

How to reduce energy usage

There are many ways to cut back on energy such as being more conservative with your electricity and natural gas usage. In order to reduce your energy consumption, be sure to shut off your lights when you leave a room, unplug electronics and completely power off your computers. Although these may seem like obvious things to do, they can add up and waste electricity. By being energy conscious you can reduce your usage.

Source: www.sponsorenergy.com. Updated: 2-28-15.