SPARK Energy Might Spark Consumers’ Interest

SPARK Energy operates a little differently compared to other competitive energy retailers in Alberta. SPARK Energy is a co-operative company. In addition to receiving electricity supply, SPARK Energy members have a voice in deciding which renewable energy projects the company participates in and have stake in the company.

Alberta green energy

In Alberta, green energy is available to most residents.  SPARK Energy is one competitive retail supplier that offers green energy products. In fact, the company has a strong concentration on green energy. According to SPARK Energy, it reinvests approximately 70 percent of annual earnings to local initiatives that involve renewable energy production. This helps Alberta become a more eco-friendly environment.

The company offers consumers in Alberta a Green Energy Offset Program where customers can purchase green energy offsets from local generators that use solar and wind power to create electricity. Actually, the company says that customers can support whichever renewable energy power plant they want. All in all, customers enrolled in SPARK Energy’s green energy program support renewable energy generation. 

Both residential and business customers can sign up for the SPARK Green Power Rate Plan. This plan includes a guaranteed rate until the term ends. 

SPARK Energy plans and benefits

In addition to green energy plans, SPARK Energy also offers competitively priced plans for electricity supply. For Alberta residents, floating supply rates and secured supply rates are available for their homes, townhomes, apartments or any dwelling as long as it falls within SPARK Energy’s service territory. Business customers can also enroll in a secured price supply plan or a supply plan where rates change frequently with market prices.

With SPARK Energy plans for supply come some perks such as no termination charge and online payments. SPARK Energy members who pay the required membership fee but decide to switch to another competitive retail supplier can get a refund to their accounts for the membership fees paid.

Stay connected with your wire services provider

If you choose to no longer receive regulated supply rates, you will still stay connected with your wire services provider. Such companies are responsible for delivering electricity. They’re involved in the entire process from owning the transmission lines to transporting the commodity to your home, industrial site or business.

Since these companies have access to the transmission lines, they are the ones to call in need. Emergencies can only be resolved by wire services providers so be sure to know their emergency hotline. Although power outages and electrical emergencies may be rare, you want to be prepared in case you experience one.

Source: Updated: 3-26-15.