Peace Power Attends to Albertans

When you think of shopping you don’t typically think of shopping for energy services. However, as an Albertan, you should! Living in a province such as Alberta gives you the opportunity to browse and buy electricity from whichever supplier you prefer, whether your utility or a competitive supplier. Peace Power in Alberta is one of the competitive suppliers that you could switch to.

Peace Power in Alberta is located within Peace County, which includes rural land, towns and cities on the western side of Alberta. Along with many other competitive retail suppliers in Alberta, Peace Power is a part of the Utility Network of Independent Retailers. The company sprung into business in 2012 and initially only offered electricity supply. In 2014, however, the company decided to begin offering natural gas.

As a resident in Peace County, you can enrol with Peace Power as opposed to staying with the plan you now have.

Signing up for Peace Power electric rates

Peace Power electric rates are accompanied by different plan structures. Some rates are specific to homes, others to businesses and nonprofit organizations, and even senior citizens have their own rates. Floating rates are also available if you prefer following market ups and downs.

Peace Power also offers billing and payment options such as pre-authorized debit to make things easy for you. Although a security deposit may be required to service your location, there are no enrolment fees or termination fees with Peace Power.

Understanding energy contracts

Energy contracts are incredibly important. Most competitive energy retailers in Alberta require customers to sign an energy contract, therefore, if you’re switching to a competitive retail supplier in the foreseeable future, it’s likely that you’ll be expected to sign one.

Before you accidentally sign up for something you were unaware of, make sure you are fully aware of the type of plan you’re signing up for and whether your rates are protected or will vary. To prevent being shocked when your first energy bill arrives, read through your terms and conditions and know how you can contact the customer service department if necessary. It will be able to handle all billing and payment inquiries and explain your bill.

Your energy charge with a competitive supplier does not include the charge for the delivery of your electricity and natural gas. Your local utility company is always accountable for delivery services regardless of whether you choose its regulated rate option or not. You will receive a charge for delivery in addition to the electricity rate you signed up for.

To make sure you’re getting the plan you want, be sure to understand your options and give us a call to know which suppliers service your area!

Source: Updated: 2-26-15.