Who is Park Power?

Situated in the urban area of Sherwood Park, Park Power is a competitive retail supplier in Alberta. Park Power is one of several competitive retail suppliers in Alberta that’s a local business and supports its community.

If you live within the EPCOR or FortisAlberta area then Park Power has options for you. Take advantage of the fact that your service area is deregulated and get to know more about Park Power.

Park Power secured rates

Park Power electricity rates are available to seniors, residents, nonprofit organizations and businesses. Park Power embraces secured-rate plans so its customers have stable electricity rates. With protected pricing, you can rely on the fact that your energy rate will look the same each month.

If you’ve stuck with your same electricity rates for quite some time, you may not realize how volatile the energy market can be. Seasonality is a major factor in electricity rates and can cause them to rapidly increase and decrease. Now that you’re switching to a new supplier you may have the option to choose between floating rates and secured rates. If you’d prefer to avoid the volatile market, stick with secured rates. If you’re excited about the dips and increases in the market, take advantage of floating-rate plans.

The community matters

Community involvement is important to Park Power, according to its website. The company’s goal is to provide people in the Edmonton area the opportunity to choose a local business for electricity supply. It strives to influence the community in a positive way and does so by supporting local charities. The company’s Community Partner Program donates 10 percent of earnings to charities within the community.

Where electricity comes from

Electricity goes through quite the process to arrive at your home. The electricity process includes generation, transmission and distribution; much of this is handled by utilities. Utility companies are located all throughout Canada and are responsible for maintaining the systems that allow transmission and distribution to occur. These companies also deliver your electricity.

Most electric utilities also provide electricity supply. You can choose to receive the regulated-rate option for supply or a plan offered by competitive retail suppliers such as Park Power. No matter whether you choose Park Power or another retail supplier, the utility company will continue to deliver your electricity. Switching does not impact your delivery, therefore, you don’t have to worry about your lights not turning on.

Source: www.parkpower.ca. Updated: 2-25-15.