Things to Know About Northern Lights Energy & Power
Need electricity? Northern Lights Energy & Power (NLEP) can solve that problem. NLEP energy in Alberta is ready to stream to your industry, small business or home. NLEP energy in Alberta is a competitive retail supplier helping Albertans by supplying electricity. The company is part of North Parkland Power REA Ltd., which has served residents, farm owners and business owners in the north central region of the province since the start of the millennium.
Although North Parkland Power works with all different types of customers, NLEP energy in Alberta is only available to customers that own or rent homes, businesses or industrial sites. If you fall into one of those categories then NLEP might be right for you.
NLEP values local. The company supports the community and the consumers who live or work within its service area. Furthermore, employees may be your friends or colleagues because they live in the community they serve too. If you’re interested in switching from your current supplier to a company that’s locally based, check out Northern Lights Energy and Power.
Why are there so many competitive energy providers in Alberta?
If you’re just beginning the process of switching, you will notice there are many competitive energy providers in Alberta. New energy suppliers enter the energy industry in order to participate in the competition and offer consumers more options. Although this may make your life more challenging because you have so many choices, this is a good problem to have.
Lots of options mean lots of diversity. In Alberta, electricity companies offer diverse plans and rates. To get the plan and rate you’ve been hoping for, you’ll have to compare some or all Alberta electricity companies to see what they offer. Comparing will allow you to feel confident that you’ve found the best plan for you.
NLEP residential, business and corporate rates
NLEP residential and small business plans include two options. Your first option is a price-protected plan where rates stay stable throughout your contract term. Your other option is a floating-rate plan that offers different rates each month that reflect the market price. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will receive your bill online making the billing and payment process as easy as possible. To receive rates for your corporation you should request a quote. This will allow the company to use your location, energy consumption and more information to determine an appropriate supply rate.
When faced with rate prices, be sure to remember that rates depend on the type of plan you’re interested in and also vary per competitive supplier. Explore your options to conclude which plan and rate fit best with your wants and needs.
Source: Updated: 2-25-15.