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In 2009, NewGen Energy joined the list of competitive retail suppliers in Alberta. This type of supplier offers community residents and owners of a small business, electricity and natural gas supply at competitive rates. Certain suppliers specialize in electricity or natural gas supply, whereas others offer both commodities. At NewGen Energy, electricity supply is the company’s main focus and only resource offering.

Your options with NewGen Energy

NewGen Energy offers electricity supply plans that include several benefits that you may or may not find with other competitive retail suppliers. If the following perks of this retail supplier excite you, be sure to look for these features when examining the other competitive retail suppliers in your neighborhood.

NewGen Energy allows you to switch from your utility company to NewGen Energy without a hiccup in service. This means your transition will be seamless and you won’t have to go without power! Another perk offered by the company is that there are no payments required in advance or termination fees should you choose to switch from NewGen Energy to another competitive retail supplier or to your regulated rates supplier.

Why care about deregulated electricity

Deregulated electricity is a privilege. You may or may not know that electricity is not deregulated across Canada, however, in Alberta it’s a regulatory ruling that consumers have the control to stay with their local utility company for electricity and natural gas or switch to a competitive retail supplier. If you’re an owner or renter of a home or small business, electricity is available from numerous sources. Your utility company will offer you electricity supply at a regulated rate, but since deregulation went into full effect, competitive retail suppliers have surfaced and also offer electricity supply.

Deregulation gives you choices and lets you decide. With the numerous options available, you’re advised to explore the possibilities. Compare your utility company with competitive retail suppliers like NewGen Energy to uncover which one offers the plan that’s good for your home or business.

Finding prices you want

NewGen Energy offers plans for residents, businesses and even rural property. Floating rates that adjust according to the energy market are available along with stable rates that stay constant. Plans and rates change depending on whether you’re looking for electricity for your home, business, nonprofit organization or rural property.

If NewGen Energy rates don’t align with your budget restrictions, it’s OK. Sometimes finding the prices you want requires some searching. Through our site you can learn about the numerous competitive retail suppliers in Alberta. If you know you’re ready for new plans and new customer service, start the switching process today.


Source: Updated: 2-24-15.