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A reliable heating system for your home or business is a must. Although there are alternative ways to heat your home or business, natural gas is used in many households and is likely a commodity you currently use and intend to continue to use in the future.

For many years the natural gas market in Alberta has been deregulated, allowing Albertans to choose to continue receiving their natural gas from a utility regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission or from a competitive retailer. As a natural gas consumer, you should explore the deregulated natural gas market and shop around for competitive natural gas companies. Shopping for natural gas supply is to your advantage because you may be able to find a better deal than the price you’re currently paying your utility company. If you notice better rates than the ones you have, you have the ability to switch. Not all provinces in Canada have this ability so be thankful you have the power to shop for lower rates and start comparing suppliers today.

Energy deregulation impacts gas rates

Energy deregulation in Alberta is a regulatory ruling that allows competitive natural gas companies to enter the energy market. Before energy deregulation, consumers didn’t have a choice when it came to Alberta natural gas rates. Consumers simply got their natural gas from their local utility. This meant that utility companies were the only companies eligible to supply natural gas. Now, utilities in Alberta can still offer consumers natural gas supply, however, they are not the only companies able to do so. Competitive Alberta natural gas suppliers offer residents and business owners natural gas supply and their rates are different from utility companies.

Energy deregulation impacted gas rates by allowing competitive natural gas companies to compete with each other for customers. Alternative natural gas companies are competing against one another and vying for your business so they offer competitive natural gas rates along with innovative plans and customer service options.  Natural gas rates offered by competitive natural gas companies are unlike the gas rates offered by your local utility. Utility rates are regulated by the government, whereas competitive supplier rates are not.

Regulated rates are not necessarily the best gas rates available to you. In order to find out more about natural gas in your area, click your city below.

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Alberta natural gas suppliers offer various plans

Most utilities don’t offer different plan structures for consumers to choose from. Competitive suppliers, however, typically offer various types of plans with different rates and contract lengths. If you like variety and options, you should consider switching to a competitive supplier. Before switching or even exploring your options, you should understand the two main types of plans and how they differ.


  • Secured-rate supply plans: Secured-rate supply plans lock in your natural gas rate for the entirety of your contract. Secured rates are perfect for those who enjoy predicting their monthly natural gas supply bill. Any variation in your bill over time will simply reflect your usage of natural gas.
  • Floating-rate supply plans:Floating-rate supply plans are ideal for those who want to take advantage of the fluctuating natural gas market. As prices of the commodity increase and decrease within the market, your rates will do the same.

Energy deregulation applies to you

Energy deregulation allows residents and business owners to find alternative rates on supply from competitive suppliers at any point in time. If you’re interested in exploring your options but are unsure where to begin, simply look around our website and give us a call. We can help point you in the right direction, explain your choices and get you enroled in a new natural gas plan!