Mountain View Power Serves Albertans

Mountain View Power offers electricity rates on supply to homes, businesses and farms within Mountain View County. The company began approximately five years ago and operates differently from typical competitive retailers and utility companies. Mountain View Power is a nonprofit organization that says it wants to better the community and offer customers quality service.

This competitive retail supplier is owned by the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development. The Olds Institute is involved in many aspects of the community and is run by the Town of Olds. The institute’s motto, “that sustainable progress should be driven by the community,” is the driving force for all development within the community. Since the Olds Institute is fully involved in Mountain View Power, it is not surprising that the company’s profits are invested back into the county and its residents.

Mountain View Power service area

Mountain View County is located in the central region of the province. The county encompasses a few towns including Olds, Didsbury and Carstairs. The service area for Mountain View Power spans midway through Calgary and Edmonton. Mountain View Power Calgary and Mountain View Power Edmonton customers have chosen to take advantage of deregulation and choose Mountain View Power electricity rates instead of rates from another competitive supplier or their regulated rates supplier.

Mountain View Power electricity rates

If you choose Mountain View Power electricity rates, you are provided with some benefits. These benefits include no cancellation fee and billing and payment options. Mountain View Power rates guarantee price protection until the end of your plan. This means you won’t be startled when you receive your electricity bill each month by rate per kWh you’re paying.

Mountain View Power supply rates aren’t available to many people, however, if you live within the service territory where Mountain View Power is available, check out the rates and see if they work for you.

Alberta gives you power

As an Albertan, deregulation applies to you. Deregulation is a regulatory ruling that applies to many people across several provinces. As a consumer in a deregulated location, you are invited and encouraged to explore competitive Alberta electricity providers along with your local utility company. This ruling lets you decide who will supply your electricity supply. You can stay with your local utility company if you’re content with your current plan or you look at the competitive Alberta electricity providers and switch.

Keep your utility phone number nearby

After switching to a competitive supplier, you might be curious if you’ll ever need to contact your utility company again. The quick answer is yes. Utility companies are responsible for resolving emergencies such as power outages. It’s best to be prepared before an electrical emergency arises so you can get the situation fixed as soon as possible. Utility companies operate the power lines in your neighborhood and are the appropriate company to contact in an emergency because they are the only ones with access to the lines. If you choose to switch to Mountain View Power, continue to keep your utility phone number handy just in case.


Source: Updated: 2-17-15.