Milner Power May Be Available to Alberta Energy Consumers

About ten years ago Milner Power was founded by Milner Power Limited Partnership and Maxim Power Corporation. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that the company joined other competitive Alberta energy companies and the UTILITYNet group.

The company’s service area encompasses multiple cities, including Grande Cache, where the Milner Power facilities that generate electricity are located.  For consumers who live in or around Grande Cache or another deregulated city, Milner Power may be one of their options for electricity supply.

Understanding the electricity market in Alberta

Electricity in Alberta is deregulated in almost all cities. If you currently live or are moving to a deregulated city in Alberta, you’ll realize you have plenty of options for electricity supply.

Electricity is produced at designated generation plants, and this production is not affected by deregulation legislation. Deregulation impacts the energy market by allowing alternative energy companies to enter the industry and offer electricity supply. Although you can’t choose the location where your electricity is generated, you can choose the company that supplies your electricity.

Alternative retail suppliers, such as Milner Power, offer competitive prices and plans, which is one of the main differences between it and the regulated supplier. If you’re happy with your current regulated supply rates, then you are not obligated to switch an alternative retail supplier for electricity. However, if you’re interested in a change, then check out your options.

Milner Power electricity plans for supply

Milner Power has two different supply plan structures available to customers within their service area. One plan type is a price protected supply plan where rates are guaranteed until the contract term expires. Price protected supply plans are available to small businesses and residential customers. Another plan available is a floating supply plan. According to Milner Power, floating supply plans are indexed to the market so customers that sign up for floating supply plans have rates that change monthly.

Who handles what

In Alberta, there are many different companies involved in getting the lights in your home to turn on. It starts with the generation facilities, transfers to the wire services provider and also involves the company that sends you your energy bill. It’s worth knowing the different between your competitive retail supplier and your local wire services provider, so you know who to contact if you have a question regarding your bill or if an electrical emergency arises.

If your power turns off or there’s a fallen power line in your neighborhood, report these issues to your local utility company.  On the other hand, if you have a question regarding your bill or rates and you receive electricity supply from a competitive retail supplier like Milner Power, then you can contact that company directly.

Source: Updated: 3-27-15.