Discover Your Options with Link Energy

In Alberta, Link Energy can supply your business, home or association with one resource you can’t manage well without: electricity. Link Energy in Alberta offers electricity to residential and commercial customers, however, gas and solar energy are not currently available. The company also provides services across other provinces in Canada and in the United States.

Link Energy electricity plans

Each competitive retail supplier offers various electricity plans to give consumers choices. Link Energy electricity plans are available to people in certain utility areas including ATCO, EPCOR and ENMAX. The company presents consumers with floating-rate plans that are subject to change on a monthly basis. If you like consistency, these plan types may not suit you well. Floating price plans follow market prices, which allow customers to take advantage of market drops but also exposes them to market spikes.

Thinking about whether you prefer consistent or flexible rates will help you during your energy decision-making process. If you are certain that you’d prefer floating-rate plans over price-protected plans (or vice versa) then you can search for competitive retailers that specifically offer that type of plan. After finding the retailers you can compare their offerings.

Link Energy in Alberta community contribution

Many competitive retail suppliers make a mark on the communities they serve and Link Energy is one of them. In Alberta, Link Energy makes donations to charity partners within the company’s service territory annually. By contributing to the surrounding neighborhoods, Link Energy is supporting and investing in its customers.

Comparing costs

Unfortunately some important things in life aren’t free. To feel as though you’ve explored all your options for energy supply, do a thorough search of the different suppliers servicing your area. Compare regulated rates and prices from competitive retail suppliers.

Make sure to note that alternative retail suppliers determine their own rates. This explains why rates vary among suppliers. Request or search for electricity prices for your business space or home address across multiple suppliers to get a sense of the rates available. If the prices are more than you’re currently paying you don’t have to switch. By comparing prices you can easily decide if it’s the right time to switch.

How we help

At, we give consumers the attention they need. Whether you’re trying to find which competitive retail suppliers offer electricity in your neighborhood or enrol in a new energy plan, we can satisfy your needs. Our energy experts enrol consumers like yourself for energy plans on a daily basis, therefore, you’re in good hands.

Source: Updated: 2-22-15.