Albertans Can Choose Landmark Power

As an alternative retail supplier, Landmark Power supplies residents, commercial buildings and municipalities with electricity. Landmark Power is a subdivision of the Landmark Group of Companies Inc. The Landmark Group of Companies Inc. primarily focuses on constructing homes in Edmonton, Calgary and other cities. In addition to building homes in Alberta, the company can also supply its newly constructed homes and other customers with electricity through Landmark Power.

The energy market in Alberta lets consumers choose which company supplies their electricity. If you’re moving to a new home or searching for a business space, you’ll have to choose if you want to pay the local utility rates for electricity or sign up with an alternative retail supplier such as Landmark Power. This decision is totally up to you. Keep in mind there’s no pressure to switch immediately. As an Albertan, deregulation will always apply to you, therefore, you can choose to explore your options now or push it off for a bit and switch at a later date.

Landmark Power electric rates

Landmark Power electric rates and plans for supply might perfectly align with your wants and needs. The competitive retail supplier offers plans that secure your rates through the end of your contract. These types of plans help relieve the stress of dealing with an escalated energy bill each month.

Remember, small business electric rates vary from residential rates. Do what’s right for your business and examine the business energy options on the marketplace. In time you’re bound to realize if the regulated-rate option or supply from a competitive retail supplier is the way to go.

Learn about solar energy

According to its website, the company aims to improve the environment by incorporating sustainable practices into all areas of the business. One way in which the company does so is by offering solar energy. Solar energy is an alternative and more environmentally friendly way to generate electricity, as it is generated from a renewable resource. By choosing solar energy, customers are choosing to receive their energy from the sun as opposed to fossil fuels. Overall, these customers are taking the initiative to better the environment.

According to Landmark Power, Alberta gets more than 2,000 hours of sunshine each year. Living in an area that receives this amount of sunshine indicates that you probably have solar energy as an alternate option for electricity. Solar power is available from Landmark Power. If solar energy interests you, look into your options and understand the benefits and costs.

We’re here to guide you

If you’re looking to switch to a competitive retail supplier like Landmark Power, our resources can assist you. Roam around our website and identify your options. After understanding your options, give us a call. We can reduce your list of potential suppliers and find a solution to fit your energy needs!

Source: Updated: 2-22-15.