Just Energy in Leduc Is Available

Just Energy supplies residents and business owners across Alberta with electricity and natural gas supply. In Leduc, one or both commodities may be available to you.

If you’re wondering if Just Energy in Leduc is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. Just Energy has been servicing Albertans for quite some time. Whether it’s your neighbors, friends, family members or strangers, many customers who choose a competitive retail supplier enjoy plans with price protection. If you’re interested in secure rates, read more about your power to choose, the retail suppliers in your area and then give us a call.

What is energy deregulation?

Energy deregulation signifies that Leduc gas and electricity is no longer only available from utility companies or regulated-rate suppliers. The power to choose is now in your hands. Although you are automatically enroled to receive regulated rates on supply through your local utility company, now you can choose to switch to Just Energy or another marketer for electricity or natural gas in Leduc.

Start shopping for energy

Shopping for energy may seem like a foreign concept, however, it’s very similar to shopping for other home services. Just like shopping for a new Internet provider or cellphone plan, it’s important to start by exploring your options. Get to know the suppliers that offer electricity and natural gas in Leduc.

When shopping around, you may find that Just Energy in Leduc offers rates that appeal to you. Just Energy offers plans with secure rates so you don’t have to deal with an energy bill that may surprise you each month. Even though market prices for electricity and natural gas may vary on a monthly basis, secured Just Energy rates stay constant.

Narrowing your Leduc gas and electricity choices

If you find multiple competitive retailers offering electricity and natural gas supply in your area, you’ll need to narrow your options to make a decision. To shorten your list, check out the utility's and competitive retailers' plans, rates, customer service hours, green energy options and billing and payment options. Although you may be primarily focused on finding the lowest rate on the market and choosing a supplier based on price, it’s important to consider these other factors as well.

As a consumer, you’ll want to have access to your competitive retailer or regulated-rate supplier on a daily basis in case a question arises. It’s also likely that you’ll want a variety of billing and payment options to ensure you don’t miss a payment deadline. Furthermore, you may or may not be interested in green energy right now, however, you may want to do your part and support a cleaner environment one day.

Just Energy Leduc customers have the ability to contact customer service during the week via phone or email, add a green energy product to their plan and choose from a variety of billing and payment options. Give us a call to get started with a new Leduc gas and electricity plan today.  Source: www.justenergy.com. Updated: 2-28-15.