Get Energy Offers Alberta Electricity Supply

Looking for Alberta electricity supply? Get Energy can give you that. Get Energy rates are available to both small businesses and residents who are looking to supply a property that falls within the Get Energy service territory. The Get Energy service area includes the following companies: ENMAX Power, ATCO Electric and FortisAlberta.

Get Energy is a new competitive electric retailer offering Alberta electricity supply. The company is local to Wood Buffalo in northeastern Alberta, however, it services most of Alberta, not just Wood Buffalo.  As a competitive electric retailer, Get Energy offers different rates than your local utility company. Utility companies offer regulated-rate options. Regulated rates mean they are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission and represent market prices. If you’re intrigued by your other options, Get Energy offers both secured and floating supply rates.

Get Energy supply rates

Get Energy’s fixed supply rates are available to residents, seniors, small businesses and farms. If you’re one of these types of consumers then Get Energy could offer what you’re looking for. Fixed rates appeal to consumers who like to avoid rate changes. These rates stay constant even when market prices rise or fall.  Floating supply rates are also available. According to the company, the floating rate is indexed to the Alberta electricity cost and is subject to change on a monthly basis. Floating rates typically appeal to consumers looking to take advantage of the constant change in market prices.

Get Energy versus your wire service provider

No matter whether you choose Get Energy or another competitive electric retailer for electricity supply in Alberta, your wire service provider will stay the same. Your wire service provider operates the transmission system in your neighborhood. It is not up to you to choose your this provider and it will not be affected by your choice in supplier. If you come to the conclusion that switching from the regulated option to a competitive plan is right for you, your commodity will continue to be delivered in the same way it was prior to switching.

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Source: Updated: 3-13-15.