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FortisAlberta’s service territory encompasses more than 50 percent of Alberta’s total electrical distribution, which includes almost 120,000 kilometres of electrical distribution power lines. As a wire service provider, FortisAlberta concentrates on delivering electricity to more than 500,000 customers. FortisAlberta customers include residential homes, commercial entities, farm and irrigation sites and other industrial facilities.

History of the company

Fortis Inc., is the parent company of FortisAlberta and the leading distribution utility in all of Canada that delivers both electricity and natural gas to more than 2 million consumers. As the wire service provider, (also known as an electrical distribution provider) FortisAlberta has many responsibilities, which include responding to outages, operating and maintaining power lines and helping customers with their meters.

Since the company is accountable for electrical distribution, if you live in Brooks, Pincher Creek, Canmore, Hinton or other areas within the FortisAlberta service area, you must contact the wire service provider for any emergencies related to electricity. Such emergencies may include power outages or even fallen power lines or distribution wires.  

FortisAlberta rates

FortisAlberta offers regulated supply rates approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission. Regulated rates are subject to change over the course of a year because they reflect market prices, however, all price changes are approved by the AUC to make sure the utility is charging customers appropriately.

More often than not you’re automatically enroled in a regulated-rate option through your local utility. If you want to explore other options on the market you are more than welcome to do so. FortisAlberta will not stop supplying electricity to your home or business until you sign up with a competitive retail supplier.

To switch or to stay

Residents and business owners in cities aside from Medicine Hat have the opportunity to switch or stay due to deregulation. This opportunity gives consumers options when it comes to electricity and natural gas supply.

It’s up to you whether or not you stay with regulated rates or switch to a competitive retail supplier that offers various plan types, contract lengths and deals. Staying with your local utility has some benefits and switching can also have perks. In order to figure out which company will serve you best, examine all your options.

If you decide switching is the right move but aren’t familiar with the switching process, we can help you out. Our energy professionals focus on enroling customers in new energy plans. Soon enough you’ll have a new energy contract and different rate on supply.

Source: www.fortisalberta.com. Updated: 3-9-15.