EPCOR in Grande Prairie Customers, You Have Options!

If you’re an EPCOR in Grande Prairie customer did you know that you have options when it comes to electricity and natural gas supply? EPCOR in Grande Prairie serves as a utility company that owns the power lines within the city of Edmonton, therefore, the utility also manages and preserves these lines. The company also provides water, wastewater and electricity distribution services to many residents and commercial businesses.

Because most cities in Alberta are deregulated in the electricity and natural gas markets, consumers in the EPCOR service area and other neighborhoods have the opportunity to choose a competitive retailer for supply instead of staying with the regulated rates offered by EPCOR. In Grande Prairie, gas and electricity is available from different competitive retailers but it’s up to you to find your options and shop around for different plans. It could be that EPCOR is the right fit.

There are several benefits to comparing your options and shopping around. By researching the regulated-rate option and the competitive suppliers in your area, you can find one that best offers what you want and need. Competitive retailers and regulated-rate providers differ in their types of plans, rates, customer service, green energy options and special offers. In order to get the best deal and find a supplier – competitive or regulated – that meets your criteria, you need to explore your options and slowly narrow down your list. Although this seems complicated and long-winded, it’s a fairly simple process that will help you make an informed decision and walk away happy.

Encor energy plans

In Grande Prairie, gas and electricity is available through competitive retailers. Encor energy plans are provided by EPCOR and offer you secured rates and floating rates on supply. Encor energy plans are different from EPCOR rates because EPCOR offers regulated rates, whereas Encor operates like a competitive retailer.

Before exploring Encor energy plans or plans from other competitive retailers, make sure you understand the difference between secured rates and floating rates. These two rate structures attract different types of people and have different price structures. Learning the differences can help you evaluate which structure best fits your lifestyle, energy needs and budget.

Floating-rates on supply offer flexibility. They can vary on a monthly basis because they fluctuate according to market prices. On the other hand, secured rates on supply let you keep a supply rate for the length of your term. These secured rates appeal to people who value price protection.

Other Grande Prairie gas and electricity options

To efficiently and successfully find your other options for electricity and natural gas supply in Grande Prairie, be sure to roam around our website and learn about the competitive retailers. By investigating the companies and learning about their history, offerings and services you’ll be able to choose without a problem.

Remember, you can choose to have both your electricity and natural gas supply from a competitive retailer, however, if you don’t sign a contract you’re automatically on the regulated-rate option from EPCOR. If you do not wish to be enroled with regulated rates, you can find a retailer that offers a plan and rate that works well for you.


Source: www.epcor.com Updated: 2-28-15.