Explore Competitive Strathmore Energy Companies

If you’re unhappy with your utility company or simply want more plan options, take a look at competitive Strathmore energy companies. As an Albertan, you live in an area that allows you to choose who provides your energy supply. This gives you the privilege of shopping the energy landscape to choose a competitive supplier from the several Strathmore energy companies that best suits you.

Understanding Strathmore electricity rates

In Strathmore, electricity rates from utility companies will differ considerably from those offered by competitive electricity suppliers. Because the market allows for competition, competitive suppliers may offer varying competitive electricity prices, therefore, it will be to your advantage to shop around and compare rates to find the best deal.

Utility companies offer a regulated rate option, whereas competitive suppliers usually offer several plans with different rates to choose from. Competitive suppliers typically offer a secured-rate option and a floating-rate option. With a secured-rate plan, your supply rate is protected for the entire length of your contract. In contrast, a floating-rate plan involves flexibility because your rate can fluctuate each month. Whether you’re a person who likes stability or flexibility, the competitive Strathmore energy companies offer options that may match all your preferences, energy needs and budget.

Utility and supplier responsibilities

In addition to plans and rates, utility companies and competitive electric suppliers differ in their responsibilities. Most utilities own and operate the power lines and distribution systems that deliver electricity directly to your home and surrounding neighborhood. Along with delivering electricity to your home or business, they are responsible for maintaining the power lines, responding to electrical emergencies such as power outages, connecting and disconnecting customers, building new services, providing meter reading services and much more. Because the utility is responsible for all these and more in order to deliver electricity to you in a reliable manner, utilities charge a delivery fee. This charge covers the delivery of the commodity in addition to maintenance and other costs.

Regardless of whether you choose to stay with your utility company for your supply or choose a competitive supplier, the utility will be accountable for your delivery and you will be billed for the delivery. Unlike rates on supply, you cannot compare rates for delivery and must pay this fee. Your competitive supplier does not have access to the transmission and distribution system. Your supplier is in charge of handling your customer service inquiries and can help answer questions regarding your bill.

Things to consider when researching electric companies in Strathmore

When shopping for competitive electric companies in Strathmore, you should have a checklist of things you want and need your competitive electric supplier to offer. With a checklist at hand you’ll be sure to find a supplier that offers most, if not all, of your requirements.

Consider the following five points when comparing competitive suppliers and add them to your checklist:

     Plans with flexible or secured rates

     Various billing and payment options

     Green energy and renewable energy plans

     Long-term versus short-term contracts

     Quality customer service attention

Never too late to switch

If you don’t feel like it’s the appropriate time to switch from your local utility company to a competitive supplier, know that your time to change won't expire. The Alberta electricity market became deregulated in 1996. Since then, consumers were given the opportunity to shop around, find competitive rates on supply and switch to a supplier whenever they wanted. It's never too late to explore your options as a consumer in a deregulated province!