Take a Chance with Echo Energy in Alberta

A few years ago, Echo Energy joined the list of alternative electricity suppliers offering Albertans competitive rates on supply. Although the electricity market became deregulated a while back, Echo Energy recently joined the market through the city of Lacombe and meets business and home energy needs.

Switching from your utility company to a competitive retail supplier such as Echo Energy is a decision that is solely up to you. Many people are happy with their utility regulated rates, whereas others want to take advantage of the deregulated market and explore other options. To better understand if switching is the right move for you, read about Echo Energy and the other marketers on this site. You may realize that a company offers products and services you didn’t know existed and are willing to sign up for!

Echo Energy supports the community

Echo Energy reinvests into the community in order to foster a positive culture. All profits from electricity sales are put into the Echo Lacombe Community Fund. This fund supports community projects to better the overall well-being of the residents in the area. By investing dollars into the community, Echo Energy helps the community of Lacombe prosper.

By choosing Echo Energy in Alberta, you are contributing to the Echo Lacombe Community Fund and supporting the local economy.

Compare Echo Energy rates

It’s important for you to choose a company that is dedicated to helping its customers and a company that offers electricity plans that are a good fit. Competitive retail suppliers determine Alberta electricity rates and the Alberta Utilities Commission is not involved in the process. Therefore, rates are subject to vary per competitive retail supplier.

To determine if Echo Energy rates are the best fit for you and your income, you’ll need to compare its rates with the regulated rate supplier and the other retail suppliers that offer supply to your region. In addition, you can also compare Echo Energy rates to your current rates on supply. If you’re unfamiliar with where to find your current rates, you can check last month’s electricity bill.

Enroling is easier than you think

Signing up for an electricity plan is incredibly simple when you’re in the hands of professionals who specialize in this industry. Our energy professionals are pros at making Albertans electricity switch easy and stress-free. After doing some research on our website, you can give us a call to sign up for a plan.


Source: www.echoenergy.ca. Updated: 2-18-15.