Discover More Options with Deregulation and E.NRG Power

In Alberta, electrical supply can come from a multitude of sources. These sources are utility companies and competitive retail suppliers. You may be curious as to why there are so many options to choose from, and we can help clarify that for you.

Alberta is a deregulated province. That means that in most cities you have the ability to choose who will supply your home, business or farm property with electricity supply. These options, made available thanks to deregulation, allow consumers to uncover the company that best suits them. Consumers have different preferences in terms of their financial situations and energy usage which will impact the type of plan structure and rate they’re willing to take on. In order to make the most informed decision and figure out whether the regulated supplier or a competitive retail provider is right for you, learn more about your regulated-rate option and the other options available in your neighborhood.

Who is E.NRG Power?

E.NRG Power is headquartered in Calgary and is among other small competitive retail suppliers in Alberta. The company focuses on residential and small business customers in areas such as Bashaw, Calgary, Edmonton and Fox Creek.

E.NRG Power residential electricity rates allow consumers to secure their supply rates for an extended term. This type of supply plan guarantees stable rates and is perfect for consumers who want their energy bills to look similar each month. However, consumers who are familiar with the energy market and its volatility might be interested in a floating supply plan where the monthly bill can consistently change to reflect current market prices. 

Your wire services provider stays the same

If you decide that switching to a competitive retail supplier for electricity is right for you, your wire services provider will still stay the same. Although your electricity supply will come from a different source, the wire services provider in your area owns and maintains the power lines and transmission system. Therefore, that company will be the one delivering your electricity.

In case you experience a power-related emergency, you’ll need to contact your wire services provider to report the situation. Unfortunately competitive retail suppliers like E.NRG Power aren’t able to resolve such emergencies. In an emergency, your utility is the one to call.

Making the decision

At this point you may feel stuck and unable to decide what to do. If you need help identifying your potential options in addition to your regulated supplier, use our website. We have compiled extensive information on the utility companies and competitive retail suppliers in Alberta to help narrow down your search. After looking at your options, current regulated supply rates and other rates on the market you should feel equipped to make a decision.


Source: Updated: 3-26-15.