Examine Direct Energy in Hinton

If you’re a resident, business owner or operator of commercial infrastructure in Hinton, Direct Energy can provide you with electricity or natural gas supply. As you probably know, these commodities are necessary, however, they can be costly. To find supply that works well with your budget may seem difficult, but it’s possible. Explore your possibilities, which include everything from your utility and regulated rate supplier to Direct Energy. Hinton gas and electricity supply plans vary, so it's a good idea to explore your options.

Alberta deregulation affects everyone

In Alberta, deregulation applies to most all homeowners, business owners and land owners. Deregulation is a ruling in which electricity and natural gas in Hinton is available from your local utility provider and from competitive energy companies. In Hinton, there are several options for supply and it may be beneficial for you to check them out. Utility companies have their rates approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission; competitive retailers do not. This means you might find different rates from a competitive supplier such as Direct Energy than from your utility. To make the most of deregulation, ask the utility and competitive suppliers in your area for their plan choices.

Understanding Hinton gas and electricity plans

Competitive energy companies in Hinton offer different types of plans and rates. Some plans may be short-term, whereas others are long-term. Some plans may offer rates that are protected, whereas others are floating. Instead of just choosing a plan based on the rate, it’s valuable to think about which type of plan aligns with your lifestyle, personality and budget.

Some folks prefer to commit to long-term plans because they protect their supply rate for an extended period of time. Others prefer to sign up for one-year plans because they live in an apartment and are unsure when they will move. Depending on your situation and preferences, you can figure out which electricity and natural gas in Hinton supplier offers plans that work best for you.

Direct Energy options

Direct Energy offers both short-term and long-term plans for electricity and natural gas. In addition to dual commodity plans, Direct Energy also offers home services to help residents stay energy efficient. Direct Energy home services include repairs, replacements, maintenance and upgrading home appliances. These home services can help with cooling and heating your home.

Direct Energy: Just one of the competitive energy companies in Hinton

Direct Energy in Hinton may be the perfect choice for you, but in order to come to that conclusion you may need to compare the company to the utility and competitive suppliers servicing your area. After comparing Direct Energy electricity, natural gas or dual-fuel plans to other suppliers, you may discover whether it’s the company for you.

Source: www.directenergy.com Updated: 2-28-15.



Understand Direct Energy Regulated Services

Direct Energy Regulated Services is the regulated business of Direct Energy that offers only regulated rates on supply. To qualify for Direct Energy Regulated Services you must live within a service area where the business offers regulated rates. ATCO, for example, is a utility in Alberta that does not offer the residents and business owners within its territory regulated rates for electricity and natural gas. Instead, the utility works directly with Direct Energy so customers can receive regulated energy through Direct Energy Regulated Services.

Most utility companies offer regulated energy rates on supply. Regulated rates are reviewed and passed by the Alberta Utilities Commission. This board aims to approve rates that appropriately reflect the market value of electricity and natural gas to ensure customers are not being charged more than they should be. Whether you run a business or own a home, you automatically receive regulated rates for electricity and natural gas from the utility company or regulated rate supplier servicing your area unless you choose otherwise.

Alberta deregulation lets you choose

Although regulated energy rates are available to you, most Alberta residents are not in a position where these rates are the sole option for electricity and natural gas. In Alberta, deregulation has changed the way energy is perceived and purchased and this has affected the market. Alberta deregulation welcomed competitive retailers into the energy market and allowed competitive retailers to work with utility companies to offer supply for electricity and natural gas in Alberta. Deregulation encouraged consumers to explore their options and has caused prices for supply to become competitive.

Deregulation lets you decide who will supply your home, small or large business or commercial site with electricity and natural gas. To make an informed decision, thoroughly examine your options. You may discover retailers or your regulated-rate supplier offer great plans and rates on supply.

Direct Energy retail services

Direct Energy is a separate entity from Direct Energy Regulated Services. Direct Energy is the retail company that sells electricity and natural gas supply to consumers in deregulated communities. If you live in a service area where your utility connects you with Direct Energy Regulated Services' regulated energy rates, you can choose Direct Energy Regulated Services' regulated rates, rates from Direct Energy’s retail branch or rates from an alternative retail supplier.

Shopping around will benefit you

Exploring your options can have many immediate and long-term benefits. After some initial shopping around you’ll realize if switching to a different supplier is the right move for you. You’ll discover if secured rates or floating rates work well with your energy needs or whether regulated rates are the best move for you. Shopping the market can also help you find the rates on electricity and natural gas supply that are what you're looking for. All in all, shopping around can only benefit you, whether it be now or later.

Your utility distributes supply

If your utility works similarly to ATCO where Direct Energy Regulated Services is your regulated option for supply, your utility company will still control delivering your commodity. Even though the utility is not in charge of providing your home or business with supply, it operates the infrastructure that makes delivery possible. Therefore, you will need to be in communication with your utility company if an electrical or gas related emergency occurs.

Source: www.directenergyregulatedservices.com Updated: 2-28-15.