Getting Electricity Supply in the City of Red Deer

In the City of Red Deer service area, homeowners, renters and business owners have the option to choose the regulated-rate option through an electrical service provider or choose among competitively priced rates offered by retail suppliers. Deregulation puts this decision in your hands and encourages you to figure out which company and rates satisfy you best.

If you’re in the city of Red Deer and are interested in the regulated-rate option, it’s worth noting that this option is available through the electrical service provider ENMAX Power. ENMAX Power supplies residents in Red Deer with electricity while also serving those in areas such as Ponoka, Crowsnest Pass and Edmonton.

ENMAX Power rates versus other options

ENMAX Power rates are regulated and may not include many options to choose from. If you’re looking for diversity when it comes to rates and plans, you can explore non-regulated supply rates and see if they fit what you want. In order to find a supplier that matches your needs almost perfectly, you’ll have to do some searching.

In Red Deer, whether you’re a resident or commercial owner, you have regulated rates and deregulated rates available for your electricity supply.

Understanding distribution and delivery

The City of Red Deer owns, manages and controls the transmission system that transports electricity. As the owner of the transmission infrastructure, the company is responsible for delivering electricity to your property and continuously maintaining the infrastructure to ensure delivery is occurring both safely and reliably.

As the owner of substations, according to the City of Red Deer, it looks to expand and accommodate all residents within its serviceable territory. Future plans include adding transmission facilities in the northeastern region of the city.

What to do in emergencies

In case of an emergency where power is abruptly disconnected, you’ll need to contact Red Deer immediately. It’s important to report such emergencies as soon as you can so the wire service provider can work to fix the problem and restore power in your home or business within a reasonable amount of time.

Keep the city’s phone number nearby so you can reach for your phone as soon as you notice a disruption in your electricity flow. This will help you get your power turned back on quickly!


Source: Updated: 3-12-15.