Learn About City of Lethbridge Power

More than a decade ago, Alberta became a deregulated province in Canada where electricity and natural gas supply became available from more than just gas and electric utilities. Now that utility companies aren’t the sole supplier of such commodities, residents and business owners need to learn about their options for supply.

The City of Lethbridge is a city in Alberta where residents can take advantage of deregulation. The city of Lethbridge Electric Utility (LEU) is a public utility for those living within the city’s borders. The utility generates and distributes supply to about 40,000 people.

The LEU focuses on five core business areas including regulating rates, maintaining transmission and distributing services. The city of Lethbridge Electric Utility is the wire services provider and is involved in the upkeep and operating aspects of the transmission system. The distribution area is of high importance because this part of the business is responsible for ensuring that homeowners, business owners and commercial sites receive energy via the transmission system and in a safe way.

City of Lethbridge electricity rates

As a city utility, the City of Lethbridge electricity is purchased only from the Power Pool of Alberta and solely offers consumers in the LEU service area regulated rates. As a resident in a deregulated city you have the option of choosing a competitive retailer or the City of Lethbridge electricity supply.

Opting to have your electricity supply from a competitive retailer may be to your advantage especially if you’re looking to save money and lower your energy bill. Since the City of Lethbridge electricity rates may not be the lowest prices on the market, you can get rates from alternative suppliers and figure out which one offers the best rates for your household or business energy needs.

Natural gas supply in the City of Lethbridge service area

The city of Lethbridge Electric Utility does not offer natural gas supply. Instead, you can receive a regulated rate option for natural gas from Direct Energy Regulated Services or choose among the alternative suppliers.

Just like for electricity, it’s important to examine your options and choose a supplier wisely. If you choose an alternative supplier for electricity, that same supplier may also offer natural gas plans and rates. It’s up to you whether or not you’d like the same supplier to provide both commodities to your home or business.

Make the right decision

Although narrowing down your options and choosing a supplier may not seem like a big decision, this decision can result in increases or decreases in your monthly energy bill. Aside from limiting the amount of electricity or natural gas you utilize, choosing a supplier is another way you can attempt to better control your energy costs. Compare your options and the rates available in your area in order to find the best prices.

Electric utilities deliver your supply

Utility companies typically own, operate and maintain power lines, wires and pipes within their respective service areas. Even if you choose a competitive retailer for supply, your local utility company will be responsible for delivering your supply to your home or business. If you experience any emergencies such as power outages, notice a power line down in your area or have a gas leak, please contact the city of Lethbridge Electric Utility immediately so it can resolve the issue.

Source: www.lethbridge.ca. Updated: 2-15-15.