Choice Energy Provides Choices

Electricity in Alberta is a natural resource that people can’t live without. Luckily, you don’t have to. In fact, you have many options for where your electricity supply comes from. In Alberta, electricity is deregulated which allows consumers (residents, business owners, etc.) to choose to receive their supply from competitive electricity providers or the utility company servicing their area.

Choice Energy is located in Edmonton and provides electricity to Albertans. As one of the competitive electricity providers in the province, Choice Energy offers rates and plans that aren’t regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission. If you have not signed up for electricity in Alberta with one of the competitive electricity providers such as Choice Energy, you are automatically enroled in the regulated rate option provided by your utility company. Regulated rates are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission to ensure the company is charging a fair price.

If you’re looking for new rates and a company that focuses primarily on electricity supply, check out Choice Energy.

Choice Energy for your home or business

Choice Energy offers electricity rates for homes and businesses within its serviceable territory. Residents have a few options to choose from. The plans offered to homeowners by Choice Energy do not require an enrolment or termination fee, do not change prices each month and do not require a long-term contract. Energy is also available through Choice Energy for small businesses and farms.

Choice Energy also allows customers to access their account online. With this easy access, you can connect to your account on-the-go, keep updated on your billing cycle and easily make payments.

Pros of shopping for competitive electricity providers

Shopping around for energy has proven to be beneficial to many consumers. Some pros of shopping around include: various plan options, renewable energy solutions, convenient billing options and more. Even if shopping for energy doesn’t sound appealing, the benefits may astound you. Take some time to shop around and it may be the best shopping experience you’ve had.

Quick tips to choose a retail supplier

You may be unsure how to choose a competitive retail supplier. These quick tips can point you in the right direction. Be sure to analyze each competitive retail supplier based on these points in order to find one that offers everything you could possibly want.

  1. Inquire about rates.
  2. Make sure they offer different types of plans such as price-protection plans and floating-rate plans.
  3. Check to see if they offer any green energy product solutions such as offsetting your usage with renewable energy credits.
  4. Ask about their customer service hours of operation.
  5. Investigate your billing and payment options.

Your utility relationship stays intact

If you choose Choice Energy for competitive electricity in Alberta, your relationship with your utility company won’t change. Even though you’ve chosen to switch from regulated rates through your utility to a competitive retail supplier, your utility company won’t hold you to that. It will continue to responsibly deliver electricity to your farm, home or business and resolve any emergencies.

Source: Updated: 2-18-15.