Camrose Energy Serves Alberta

Camrose Energy is offered to an array of people such as farm owners, homeowners and business owners across several communities in Alberta. The service area encompasses Edmonton and also includes homes, land and businesses that fall within the ATCO and FortisAlberta regions.

As a competitive retail supplier, Camrose Energy entered the energy market to participate in the competition and offer energy shoppers another option to choose from. The company focuses on providing customers with appropriate rates on supply while also providing strong customer relations.

Perks of working with Camrose Energy in Alberta

According to Camrose Energy, the company will analyze your bill at no cost so you can determine if the competitive retailer is the right decision for you. Camrose Energy also offers paperless billing and automated withdrawals to make the billing and payment process convenient and quick.

In addition to convenient billing, Camrose Energy allows customers to cancel their agreement without consequence within 10 days of signing the contract. After filling out a cancellation form with 15 days’ notice, you are able to break ties with Camrose Energy and your contract, allowing you to return to your utility company or find a new competitive retailer. The company also allows customers to change their rate plan. This means that if you sign up for one plan and prefer another, you can fill out a form giving 15 days prior notice and change plans with no charge.

To prevent having to switch or cancel plans, make sure you fully investigate the competitive retail supplier you’re considering contracting with. Taking the time to understand the company and its offerings will benefit you in the short-term and long-term. In the present you’ll walk away comfortable with your decision and down the road you’ll be happy with your monthly energy bills.

Compare Camrose Energy rates

Camrose Energy offers farms and homes secured electricity rates on supply that can stay the same until your contract expires. Commercial entities are also offered price-protected rates. Floating-rate plans that are volatile to the market are also available for consumers who want to take advantage of the flexibility and potential increases and decreases in price of electricity.

When examining Camrose Energy options feel free to search for plans and rates from other competitive retailers too. By looking around you can compare your options and verify that Camrose Energy is the appropriate competitive retail supplier for you.

Alberta power transported from utilities

Alberta power is transported to your business, farm or home through the utility company in your area. If you live within the Camrose Energy service area, it’s likely that either ATCO or FortisAlberta is your utility. These utilities manage the transportation system that brings electricity to the place you need it. Even if you choose to switch from ATCO, FortisAlberta or another utility to a competitive retail supplier such as Camrose Energy, the utility continues to manage the transportation system and therefore delivers your energy supply. Source: Updated: 2-17-15.