What Are Your Burst Energy Options?

Many people know that Alberta electricity is deregulated. Just like with Internet, TV or phone service, you’re able to search around for and choose who will supply electricity to your home, business, commercial area or agricultural site. Although this ideal of shopping around for energy is available to most Albertans, you are not obligated to shop around and choose a competitive retail supplier. Alberta electricity is always available through your local utility company.

The decision to stay or switch is totally up to you. If you’re interested in exploring rates on supply and checking out the competitive retail suppliers that service your area, then do so! Burst Energy is one of the potential competitive retail suppliers that could supply your electricity.

Who is Burst Energy?

Burst Energy launched in the Alberta electricity market recently and is based out of Calgary. Electric companies such as Burst Energy join the competitive energy market to provide consumers with more options and, according to the company, to increase competition for the consumers’ benefit. The company offers supply rates to both business owners and residents. Burst Energy offers plans that include floating rates that follow the upward and downward trends of market prices and price-protected rates where your rates don’t change according to the typical volatility of the market.

Along with floating rates and fixed rates, the regulated-rate option is also available to you, however, this option is only available through your utility company or regulated rates supplier.

Burst Energy additional benefits

Burst Energy is one of your potential options for supply. When looking for supply you should inquire about the competitive retail supplier’s additional benefits. One of the benefits of enroling with Burst Energy is that if you were to sign a Burst Energy contract and needed to cancel, the company does not have cancellation fees as long as you provide 10 days’ notice.

The company doesn’t control delivery

Burst Energy is a competitive retail supplier. Such companies do not have access to the distribution and delivery system that actually transports your commodity. Since Burst Energy doesn’t control delivery, you will remain connected with your local utility in order to receive your supply. This is important because if you experience trouble with your electricity supply, you will need to contact your utility, not Burst Energy. Utilities focus on maintaining and managing the delivery system and will do their best to solve your issue as soon as possible.

Source: www.burstenergy.ca. Updated: 3-13-15.