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Bow Valley Power launched five years ago and currently supplies electricity to more than 100 neighborhoods across Alberta. The company cooperates with utility companies and wire service providers in many areas of the province in order to make supply plans and rates accessible to consumers. For consumers who live in Lethbridge, Red Deer, Edmonton, Swan River or other deregulated cities, Bow Valley Power is among the potential companies in the running to serve their electricity needs.

Deregulated cities have open energy markets. This regulatory ruling impacts all consumers because now consumers can choose the regulated-rate option, a price protected or floating supply plan offered by competitive retail suppliers such as Bow Valley Power. Therefore it’s clear that electricity in Alberta can be supplied from multiple companies.

It’s up to you to choose your regulated supplier or to switch to a competitive retail supplier. Simply choose the option that makes sense for you, your energy needs and your lifestyle.

Residential and small business energy rates

At Bow Valley Power, secured supply rates and floating supply rates are both available to consumers. For those who prefer rates that stay the same each month, a secured supply rate may be a good option. For consumers who prefer flexibility and want to follow the trends of the energy market, it may be a good idea to take a look at floating supply plans.

Bow Valley Power plans appeal to a variety of customers that need electricity supply for their properties including farms, homes, apartments and businesses. For homeowners and renters looking for residential rates or a new business owner looking for small business energy rates, Bow Valley Power has plans that may match what they’re looking for.

Bow Valley Power in Alberta: Green energy certified

According to Bow Valley Power, it’s the only small retailer in the province that offers 100 percent EcoLogo Certified green power.  More than two years ago the company gained this certification, which stands for green excellence in Canada.

With this certification the company ensures green power gets put into the Alberta electricity grid. When consumers enroll with Bow Valley Power and its Alberta green energy product, they are helping offset the negative impacts on the environment. For every kWh of electricity Bow Valley Power customers use, the company warrants 1kWh of electricity goes back into the power grid.

In Alberta, green energy is not only offered to residential customers. Larger businesses are also encouraged to purchase green energy and can do so via renewable energy certificates. The company says that each year it’s audited by the EcoLogo certification to verify that for each renewable energy credit customers purchase, it is buying one EcoLogo certified renewable energy certificate in return. 

Source: Updated: 3-25-15.