Discover ATCO and Competitive Energy Companies in Edmonton

As an Albertan, you have the opportunity to discover the competitive energy companies in Edmonton. Although ATCO is your local utility company, deregulation gives residents and business owners the ability to leave their utility and compare competitive energy companies in Edmonton to find new supply rates and plans and other services.

Understanding ATCO electricity and natural gas services

ATCO electricity in Edmonton and natural gas in Edmonton are structured differently than some other utility companies. Neither ATCO Electric nor ATCO Gas offer supply. Instead, your regulated rate option in the ATCO service area is offered by a separate regulated rate supplier. 

All consumers in the ATCO area qualify for regulated rates on supply, but this is not your only option. Many competitive energy companies in Edmonton offer competitive rates and plans, which are worth examining.

Regulated rates option

Regulated rates on supply are available for residents in Edmonton. Utilities’ and regulated rates suppliers' rates are pre-approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission. The approval process ensures that in Edmonton, utilities or regulated rates suppliers are not charging you too much for electricity and natural gas supply. 

With regulated rates, you don’t have options to choose from. Most regulated rates suppliers offer one rate per commodity, meaning you don’t have multiple rates and plans to choose from. If you are happy with your current energy supply bill, that’s great. If you’re ready for a change, want different plan structures, contract lengths or rate options, look into the competitive suppliers in Edmonton. Utilities and regulated rates suppliers do not guarantee that their regulated rates are the best price in the area, therefore, check out your alternative options.

Find competitive suppliers in Edmonton

If you do not choose a competitive supplier then you are enroled int the regulated rate option through ATCO electricity in Edmonton and ATCO gas in Edmonton. If you’re interested in new rates, you should explore your options.

Exploring your options and shopping for energy is just like shopping for phone or Internet service. You simply find the suppliers in your area, explore their plan, rate and customer service options and choose the one that fits best!

When shopping for energy, you first need to find the competitive suppliers that service your neighborhood specifically. The thought of finding the competitive suppliers in Edmonton may seem tedious, however, we’ve done all the legwork for you. Our website offers information you need in order to find a supplier in Edmonton. Give us a call and we can enrol you in a new plan! It’s that simple.

 Source: Updated: 2-15-15.