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In Alberta, electricity rates are available through utility companies and competitive retail suppliers. Adagio Energy is one of the potential options for electricity supply and caters to consumers in need of a new electricity plan.

Alberta’s deregulated energy market gives consumers the option of sticking with regulated supply rates or examining the competitively priced rates on the market. This decision is up to the individual, and every consumer has different reasoning for their decision. Consumers have different budget requirements, energy needs and lifestyle preferences. Therefore, the regulated-rate option is the way to go for some consumers, whereas others prefer supply plans from competitive retail suppliers.

If you’re struggling to identify who should supply your electricity, think about the different offerings of each company and what kind of plan structure you’d prefer. Hopefully, that will point you in the right direction.

Alberta electricity rates on supply available to you

The regulated-rate option is only available through regulated suppliers and includes Alberta electricity rates that are approved by the province’s utilities commission. On the contrary, Adagio Energy does not offer regulated supply rates. Adagio Energy’s supply plans are based on rates that are protected and rates that change with the market.

Adagio Energy plans for supply are tailored for residents, seniors and small businesses. If you’re one of those consumers then Adagio Energy may offer electricity supply plans that meet your wants and needs. Their plan options include floating supply rates and fixed supply rates. This grants you the ability to choose a supply plan that secures your rates or a supply plan that allows you to take advantage of fluctuating market prices.

In addition to these supply plans, Adagio Energy does not require enrollment or cancelation fees should you decide to sign up or terminate your relationship with the company. Furthermore, Adagio Energy allows customers to pay bills via automatic transactions to make paying electricity bills easy and carefree.

Adagio Energy commercial natural gas

Adagio Energy now offers commercial natural gas to businesses that consume more than 2500 gigajoules per year. If you own a business, it’s likely that you need electricity up and running. If you haven’t signed up with a competitive retail supplier like Adagio Energy, you’re automatically enrolled with your local utility company and are on a regulated supply rate plan. Business owners who would like to explore different plan structures and rate options can inquire about Adagio Energy small business options. After receiving an estimate on electricity supply, business owners can see if the regulated rate option or a competitively priced plan from a retail supplier is right for them. 

Source: Updated: 3-24-15.